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Romances from Saints Row 4. Частные секс знакомства аша. These occur on the ship and are an obvious nod to Mass Effect Romances. See the romances with both male and female characters, unfortunately they don't behave any differently.Male Character Romances:Shaundi Romance - 0:00CID Romance - 0:58Matt Miller Romance - 1:27Ben King Romance - 2:00Johnny Gat Romance - 2:55Asha Romance - 4:03Kinzie Romance - 4:34Pierce Romance - 5:08Keith David Romance - 5:42Female Character Romances:Shaundi Romance - 6:24CID Romance - 7:19Ben King Romance - 8:01Pierce Romance - 9:12Asha Romance - 9:50Kinzie Romance - 10:28Johnny Gat Romance - 10:56Matt Miller Romance - 12:05Keith David Romance - 12:53Subscribe to WikiGameGuides Drink Along w/Dan and John Game Reviews iPad and iPhone Game Reviews Support us by using our Amazon affiliate link Subscribe to WikiGameGuides ► New Video Game Releases! (updated every month) ► WGG on Twitch ► WGG on Facebook ► Video produced by @JohnTarrJr ► Support WGG by using our Amazon Affiliate Link ► WGG Tip Jar ►

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