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Jesse reports on his nonprofit BOND's monthly Men's Forum. Секс знакомства в кишиневе форум. He talks about the new trend with men spending lots of money on women. In the good old days, it was known this was disrespectful on both their parts, because it's just to get sex, and implies ownership. Spend $10-$12 on dinner or lunch, get to know them. No sex. The secret to life: You must forgive: Honor your parents, don't hate them. Forgive them, so you can love everybody in the right way, not be manipulated. Don't be angry, resentful, hating. Speak up, disagree. That's what salvation is, not simply pretending that you believe in Jesus Christ, fooling yourself with your intellect, and nothing changes, then excusing it with "nobody's perfect" nonsense. Such people are living in their imagination, the nature of their father the devil. Only the children of God can recognize and live by the voiceless voice, rather than the loud voice on the outside and inside the head. Satan quotes the scriptures and gives you all the wrong ideas, builds you up, lets you down, makes you live in the past or the future, neither of which exist. God is in the present. Guys came from all over, one man took the bus from 40 miles away. Some guys heard us on YouTube, a couple from Stefan Molyneux's interview with Jesse. All were suffering due to anger at their mothers and lack of connection with their father. . Jesse's latest book, The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood . Jesse's personal website: Jesse's nonprofit, BOND: The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show The Fallen State TV Church with Jesse Lee Peterson /church Other YouTube channels:

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